What is Worship City?  Worship City is a community of worship and prayer leaders from in and around Nashville, Tennessee who gather together for one unified purpose: Historic revival in our city and state! Spiritually we have renamed Music City, Worship City“Changing our City to Change the World: through Fasting Prayer & Worship!”  

Our efforts were initially inspired by the revival in Egypt that began in 2010. (click video below) The following year a weekly prayer and worship meeting was begun in the home of Worship City founders, Terry & Barbi Franklin.

*About the Founders, Terry & Barbi Franklin and their nationwide events…

Dawning of a New Day: A Worship & Prayer Experience

Terry & Barbi Franklin are singer songwriters and speakers that lead worship and prayer events, and marriage retreats, ministering for 33 years in 39 countries worldwide, “Inspiring Love in the Home & Revival in the Church.”  Barbi said, “It’s the dawning of a new day in America as the Church is arising to pray and sing to the Lord again with a love and passion like we have never seen!”  Terry added, “We are so encouraged over all the movements of prayer and fasting that happened across our nation in the last few years. You can sense the beginning of revival and awakening and a renewed hunger for God that always produces spiritual fruit.”

Dawning of a New Day is a worship and prayer experience with Terry & Barbi Franklin that will encourage you to press into God and His Word and join the great army of worship and prayer warriors who are praying through until true revival comes!  They believe we could be on the threshold of another Great Awakening more expansive than any our nation has seen in its history.  But the Church must seek God in prayer to usher in the end-time harvest that Bible prophecy reveals.

This past year Terry & Barbi were privileged to lead worship and prayer and marriage retreats across America such as at the “National Prayer Assembly” in Washington DC (with leaders from “National Day of Prayer,” “Family Research Council,” “David’s Tent DC,” “International House of Prayer” and many others). They are also experiencing favor in gathering leaders in support of national movements such as Pastor Robert Morris’ and Gateway Church’s “The Gathering” (an unprecedented livestreamed nationwide sacred assembly bridging all denominational barriers across America), and Franklin Graham’s “Decision America Tour” where nearly 9,000 came to pray at the Tennessee state capitol.

Terry and Barbi’s home base is Nashville, Tennessee where they also birthed and lead a local ministry they named “Worship City.”  Back in 2011 they saw revival in Egypt being birthed through the fasting, prayer, and worship movement in that nation.  It has touched millions of lives across the Middle East.  So, they asked, “Lord, why can’t this happen in the United States?” and began initiating fasting, prayer, and worship everywhere God opened doors, starting with “Awaken Us: 40 Days to Fast & Pray” promoted by the American Family Radio Network.

They were also deeply burdened that “Music City” (Nashville) had become more known for the business of music, christian and secular, than for music that expressed God’s heart and mind. So, in 2011, along with other leaders they began to spiritually “rename” their city, “Worship City” and established this local website.  Their weekly home prayer meetings have since become a base where Nashville area worship and prayer leaders meet frequently to pray and seek God for their city’s future: “Changing our City to Change the World: through Fasting Prayer & Worship.” “Worship City” is also a non-profit 501c3 organization and trademark established to hold city events like David’s Tent Tennessee, as well as various other 24 hour worship and prayer meetings locally and nationally with live-streaming and TV.  They also have plans for future CD’s featuring Tennessee’s worship teams called, “Worship City Nights!”

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