Worship & Prayer Team, and Volunteer Applications and sign-ups are here!  Please click on and fill out the application below.  We are excited you will be joining us for Tennessee’s week at David’s Tent DC, April 15-22, for a non-stop love-song to Jesus right in front of our nation’s capitol on the National Mall!

We are now taking applications, and scheduling worship and prayer teams and volunteers, so please sign up asap so we can make preparations!  Some details and policies that we’ve set for all participants will be outlined on the application form, including information about lodging, payment, arrival times, etc.  If you need to car-pool with someone, please indicate that in your notes on the application  References will be requested from your ministry leader or pastor you and/or your team are associated with.  Please review our “Core Values” so you know who we are, and we know that you are in agreement with our mission.  Click to download:

Worship City Core Values Download Here!

Please call or text our office/cell at 615-773-8480 if you have any questions.  Because of the DC’s National Mall policies and DTDC’s agreement, sales of products or promotional displays are not allowed, but you may donate CD’s or books for the FREE resource tent for outreach purposes.

CLICK HERE for online Application Form for ALL Participants

The focus of David’s Tent DC and Worship City leaders is to glorify God alone… so His presence is known in all the earth!  We look forward to worshiping with you!

Worship City, Inc.
Office Administrator