Come help us worship and pray at America SING! right on the Tennessee State Capitol’s Legislative Plaza Oct 1-4, 2020. Sign up below TODAY to lead worship, pray, read the Bible, evangelize, or volunteer…

Watch last year’s highlights video here and then apply at the link below!


David’s Tent Tennessee in Worship City will be set up again on the Legislative Plaza, right in front of the Tennessee state capitol.  God did extraordinary things each fall over the last 5 years, and this year we are on a very special “stealth mission” that will look very different than before, but our teams believe this year will be even more powerful than in the past!  

The schedule fills up fast, so please sign up TODAY so we can include you. We need 10 leaders to volunteer every hour, so there’s a place for everyone!  Someone from our office will contact you soon after you fill out the application at the link below. IMPORTANT DETAILS YOU NEED TO KNOW are explained on the application (with a link to download and review our “Core Values”), so PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY.  If you are new to our tent event volunteers, references will be requested from your ministry leader or pastor for you and/or your team.  Please read our “Core Values” so you know who we are, and we know that you are in agreement with our mission. Click here to download:

Worship City Core Values – Download Here!

Because of the policies we have agreed to, and new laws instated by the Legislative Plaza authorities, you need to know:

1.) Sales of products or promotional displays are not allowed, but you may hand out salvation tracks, biblical materials or music CD’s FREE. But materials must be approved in advance by one of the authorized Worship City leaders

2.) This year, due to changes in the law and recent circumstances with protests and looting, unless we authorize, we are not staying on the plaza past sun-down (approximately 7:00 PM).  We will limit our tents to the smaller 10 foot by 10 foot tents, which will be taken down each night at that time and set back up for an 8:00 AM start time.  We also may have times without any tents, but still carry on our worship, prayer, and Bible reading in the open air.  Schedule is as follows:

Oct 1st, Thurs:    6:00 PM to 7:00 PM – OPENING CEREMONY!  Center of the Plaza
Oct 2nd, Fri:       8:00 AM to 7:00 PM – Worship and Prayer (Bible reading interspersed)
Oct 3rd, Sat:      8:00 AM to 7:00 PM – Worship and Prayer (Bible reading interspersed)
Oct 4th, Sun:     8:00 AM to 2:00 PM – Worship and Prayer (Bible reading interspersed)
Oct 4th, Sun:     2:00 PM to 3:30 PM – CLOSING CEREMONY!  Center of the Plaza

APPLY online to Participate – CLICK HERE!

The goal of our Worship City leaders is “Changing our Cities to Change the World through Fasting, Prayer, & Worship!”  We hope you’ll also join us for our 40 Day Fast that began August 20th at sundown and ends Sept 28th.  It’s not too late to join, and be encouraged by posts on our fasting Facebook group online at:

Awaken Us Transformation

This fast is in preparation for both America SING! and The Return, a national and global sacred assembly for humility and repentance.  Sign up your church for the FREE LIVE simulcast from Washington D.C. at as many thousands unite to cry out to God for healing in our land on September 26th!

Click Here and request to join our 40 Day Fast Facebook group, Awaken Us Transformation.

We are longing for many more Christians in Tennessee to Rise Up and commit themselves to this time of fasting.  The dynamite power of Tennesseans all across our state, covenanting together in fasting and prayer IS “For Such a Time As This!”   If you are starting this fast after it has begun, no worries, we welcome you to finish with us! Here’s our 3-fold written focus for this 40 day fast: 
1) Humble Ourselves and Seek the Lord, 
2) Repent of our Apathy and Disunity, and 
3) Pray for Revival & Awakening,

 (As soon as you are approved on our FB 40 Day Fast group page, you can begin inviting your friends who love to pray as well!  They will automatically be approved!)

We look forward to worshiping and praying with you!

Barbi & Terry Franklin (and our Worship City Leaders Core Team)