What is “Sing Amazing Grace At 8”?

First, there were protests following the tragic death of George Floyd… and then traumatic, widespread destruction and looting of downtown Nashville. Our city needed hope and reuniting. Barbi had a vision – to get everyone singing together. And what better song than “Amazing Grace”! CBN reported… “Protests Turned to Praise!”…


Broadway is a street our teams go for continual worship and praying for revival. Some from our teams spoke with bar managers on Saturday, June 6th, asking if their bar bands could sing Amazing Grace at the same time that our worshipers would be singing it on the street. Surprisingly, 18 out of 20 of them agreed, so the whole Broadway strip was singing Amazing Grace at the same time. Then FOX 17 NASHVILLE showed up and Live-Streamed our street teams singing that night to their Facebook page, getting well over 127,000 views in just a few days online…

(watch the NEWS FLASH – click on the picture below)

Singing Amazing Grace on Broadway with friends while 18 out of 20 bar bands sang it too

So how can YOU help bring unity in YOUR city?

CBN News also picked up the story and posted on their YouTube channel and website articles… which encouraged viewers to contact us at www.AmericaSING.com and take it to their cities. (Get real-time updates by liking our Facebook page: America SING) Many sang along to online videos and posts, and felt the healing balm that can only come from God’s grace, uniting around singing this most beloved and well-known hymn, written by a slave ship captain who became an abolitionist after being saved. The teams have returned 3 Saturday nights in a row now, with bar bands still playing the song …and now other cities are doing it too. One Skype video and article CBN posted was titled well, ‘No One Can Reconcile Relationships Better Than Jesus’: Tennessee Group Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ to Rejoin Americans

THIS COMING SATURDAY YOU can join us in YOUR city!  Here’s what you can do (download lyrics & story below):

  • Right Click on the jpeg images below to download (front and back): 
    1. The “Amazing Grace” lyrics with chords (key of G)
    2. The story of how this song has been used to bring unity and reconciliation for over 200 years
  • Print, post, or message copies of this music and story for your friends
  • Invite as many as you can to meet you on a busy sidewalk in your city this coming Saturday at 7 PM to pray, and then…
  • SING Amazing Grace at 8 PM together to encourage unity and hope amidst the current unrest in our nation
  • Take pictures and videos of your gatherings, and post them on your social media pages to bring encouragement to others.


“Sing Amazing Grace At 8” LYRIC & CHORD CHART


If you gather in your city, please send a note by texting the office/cell number or email below. We’d love to see a link of your pictures and videos, you can email them to us, or tag us on facebook at the link below. Thanks for being a part of this vision and inspiration to bring hope to our nation in the midst of these tumultuous times!

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